Ad for Byfield’s The Glass Harmonica

Barbara Ninde Byfield’s The Glass Harmonica, later released as The Book of Weird, is the best book you can get about traditional fantasy.  (Which is not to say “vanilla” fantasy.  Traditional fantasy is Dunsany or Tolkien or the Lang Fairy Books, vanilla fantasy is Inspired By Tolkien and is uniformly bilgy, unbearably so if it’s actually inspired by D&D.)  You could very easily run a fine D&D game by plopping down with the Basic set and a copy of Harmonica.

I just ran across this original ad, which I suspect distills the 1967 fantasy zeitgeist into its full potency.



5 thoughts on “Ad for Byfield’s The Glass Harmonica

  1. Hello Scott, it is nice to see you leaning on your vocabulary to gain popularity for a delicious moment. Yes this is an excellent book, but I don’t see the value in recommending quality to the muppets of the OSR. You are one of the few online D&Ders I would like to meet in person but online i can sniff the haze and fog of meds even through text.


  2. Hello! I’m working on a write-up of The Glass Harmonica for the long-lived Tolkien newsletter Beyond Bree. (I have an ongoing series of columns there about the 1965-1969 “Days of the Hobbit Craze.”) I’d like to cite your entry above and reproduce the advertisement. Can you state where it appeared?


    Dale Nelson


    1. I have no issues at all with you linking. I’m not sure where the ad first appeared, as I found it on an image search when I was looking for any non-Harmonica illustrations she might have done. Sorry :(


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