Here’s a bunch of my old Wilderlands stuff

A gracious user just let me know that he or she had preserved a file of my old Wilderlands stuff from my original blog.  Here it is.  I know that this blog gets few views for a variety of reasons, one of which is that I don’t care, but numerous people over the years have asked me for it, so feel free to share the link wherever gamers with low standards gather these days.

I haven’t gone back through it yet other than a very quick skim.  It looks like this was done for use with some online game or another using Stonehell, and there are a couple entries written by players in that game.  We played it using LotFP but it’s pretty much system agnostic.  By the time I stopped working on it, I was using Tunnels & Trolls 5e.

This will change a lot if used as the basis for a Gamma World game.  I also no longer own any Judges Guild products other than Ready Ref Sheets and am uninterested in ever reacquiring them as I stopped using commercial gaming stuff a long time ago.  (In my hubris, I just rip everything off from the primary literature directly or write it myself.)

There you go.

(Note:  The gaming community has changed since I wrote this and there’s a greater sensitivity to problematic material than there was back when the community was smaller and more homogeneous.  I also don’t keep upon on things and aggressively avoid venues where these things are discussed.  So I haven’t re-read it but I’m sure the entry on the sexual practices of the City State is in some way offensive and will piss off one of the twelve people who still read this blog.  That’s unintentional, as anyone who has gamed with me hopefully knows, and I tried to put in a disclaimer to that effect back then.  But the City State is a horrible place and I’m a shitlord so who the hell knows.  So, TRIGGER WARNING:  fucked-up sex stuff, please don’t set fire to my car.)


7 thoughts on “Here’s a bunch of my old Wilderlands stuff

  1. Hurray!! I thought I had saved such a thing myself, but after scouring my still-extant hard drives and cloud-spaces I was left wanting.
    I think I might be a very strange person.


    1. I was actually working on material for a zine and got 90% of the content finished and hit a block. I was just going to staple it together and mail it out. Nothing anywhere near the quality of Melan’s or Ben’s material or presentation.


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